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Chicago Booth offers two honors designations, high honors and honors. The high honors designation is assigned to the top five percent of the graduating class.  Each high honors graduate will be known as Amy and Richard F. Wallman Scholar.  The namesakes, Amy Wallman, ’75, and Richard Wallman, ’74, made a $75 million gift to Chicago Booth in 2017 which built upon their legacy of philanthropic support of our students and faculty.

Honors designation is assigned to the next fifteen percent, based on GPA averages of all MBA graduates from the previous academic year.

Chicago Booth does not release the specific GPA cutoff information to students. The honors and high honors distinctions are noted on a student's diploma and official transcript.

The GPA calculations to determine these graduation distinctions will begin Monday, Week 6 of the quarter. If you have any blank or incomplete grades on your record at that time, you will be ineligible for honors consideration. Any grade changes posted after Monday, Week 6 will not be included in honors determination. Students graduating with honors will be notified by letter during Week 6 of the quarter. 

Additionally, students who graduate with either distinction are also nominated to the Beta Gamma Sigma society.


Students achieving the distinction of high honors and honors wear an honor cord in addition to the academic attire of the cap, gown, and MBA hood. Additionally, honors regalia is to be worn at both the university convocation and Booth Graduation ceremonies.


Student Life hosts the Grad Fair 2018 where students may collect their honors regalia in addition to purchasing their cap, gown, MBA hood, and tassel. The Grad Fair will take place on May 22 and May 23 during the hours of 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. in Harper Center, Room 104

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Booth offers High Honors and Honors. These distinctions are noted on diplomas and transcripts